20 January 2020
old interface closes down

(Please ignore this message if you only use the new interface.)

Sketch Engine decided not to maintain two interfaces. For this reason, the old interface closes down and will not be available any more after 20 January 2020. This does not affect user data in any way.

The new interface was launched over a year ago but some users still work in the old interface. This will not be possible after 20 January 2020. Only the new interface will stay available.

The new interface offers the complete functionality of the old interface plus some new features and, most importantly, more intuitive interface suitable even for users without detailed technical understanding of corpora and corpus software.

Which is the old interface?

old interface

old interface

accessible on old.sketchengine.co.uk

new interface

new interface

accessible via www.sketchengine.eu or directly on app.sketchengine.eu

Learn to use the new interface

  • Watch our short video tutorials to get acquainted with the new interface
  • or refer to the online guide.
  • When logged in, hover your mouse over controls, settings and tickboxes to display tooltips.


Do I have to do anything?

No, you do not have to take any action. Login details or login procedure is the same for both interfaces. Access to the new interface is possible even now.

What happens to my data?

Nothing. Switching off the interface does not affect the data in any way. Both the new and old interfaces work with the same data. The same data are available from both interfaces already.

Do I need to copy my data from old to new?

No. Both the old and new interfaces work with the same data. Your data have always been in both interfaces so to speak.

Can I access the old interface after 20 January 2020?

No. The interface will stop existing.

What if I have a problem?

  • If you have a general question, use this contact form.
  • For question about a particular screen, request help using this icon feedback in the top right corner of every screen of the new interface.

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