Lexical Computing’s research interests lie at the intersection of corpus and computational linguistics. Our company is committed to an empiricist approach to the study of language in which corpora play a central role. Therefore, we would like to invite all PhD students interested in natural language processing to cooperate with us in discovering new ways of processing lexical data as well as optimizing the current technical solutions.

Lexical Computing will fund postgraduate students from Masaryk University who choose one of the following dissertation topics and write their dissertation in English:

Dissertation topics in cooperation with Lexical Computing

  • Automatic and semi-automatic lexical acquisition using deep learning methods (word sense induction, good dictionary examples, definitions, etc.)
  • Machine translation especially for low resource languages and/or domains, computer assisted resource building.
  • Automatic definition mining from text corpora

Find more about research interests of Lexical Computing in our agenda.

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Are you interested in one of these dissertation topics? Do not hesitate to email us at inquiries@lexicalcomputing.com