Privacy consent

General Data Protection Regulation

This text describes how we treat your personal information in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation).

Who we are?
Lexical Computing CZ, s.r.o., a private limited company registered in the Czech Republic under the registration number 29295491, based at Botanická 68, 602 00 Brno.

Why do we collect any information about you?
We do that in order to provide services to you, to develop and improve these services as well as for internal statistical and reporting purposes. If you opt-in, we may also send you emails notifying you about new corpora, functionality and traning materials and events.

What information do we collect about you?
At minimum, we want you to provide us with an existing e-mail address, your name and surname. The e-mail address is used as your unique identifier in the system, we use it to communicate it with you for administrative purposes (such as setting or resetting a password, responding to requests that you make from the system etc.) and if you opt in, we may occasionally send you our newsletter.

As soon as we provide paid services to you, we are obliged by law to collect information about your residence address in order to calculate the VAT (value-added tax) correctly. If you are a business entity in the EU, we also need you to provide us with your VAT number.

We also like to know more about you in terms of what you use our services for and if you decide to share such information (such as your occupation, research interests etc.) with us, we use it for our internal purposes to improve our services, statistical purposes or to give you more relevant views in the interface. You do not need to share this information with us, however.

Do we share this information with third parties?
By default, we never do that. In Sketch Engine, providers of some of the corpora require that we report to them on who is using their corpus. In these cases, you will be asked whether you agree with this selectively before using this corpus, and you may choose not to, in which case you will not be able to access that corpus.

How long do we store information about you?
We keep them as long as you keep using our services plus additional three years.

May I ask you to delete all my information?
Of course, at any point in time, this is your right guaranteed by law.

May I ask you which information do you know about me?
Of course, at any point in time, this is your right guaranteed by law.

Do we do any profiling?
Yes. The definition of profiling is so broad that even selecting customers by a particular country of residence is considered profiling. We only use profiling for the same purposes that are already listed above, such as that we show you tools inside our services relevant for the languages that you work with.

Where is my information physically stored and who has access to it?
Our services are provided on our own hardware located in Brno, Czech Republic and this is where we store our databases as well. Only our system engineers can access the hardware systems in order to maintain them. Beyond that, we use a number of outsourcing services for administrative and communication purposes that process your data. We always make sure that these are GDPR-compliant. They include:

  • GSuite applications provided by Google Ireland Limited, a company based in Ireland. Read more…
  • Capsule CRM application provided by Zestia Limited, a company based in the United Kingdom. Read more…

Dated: March 22nd, 2018.