Sketch Engine Boot Camp is an intensive course in using Sketch Engine and its tools to build, search and analyse corpora for the purpose of linguistics, social sciences, lexicography, translation, IT & NLP, language teaching and related disciplines.

By the end of the course, you will become familiar with the interface, learn to build your own corpora, use the Sketch Engine corpora and learn to use the tools and understand the results. Corpus building will cover monolingual, bilingual and learner corpora with the built-in automatic corpus building tool in Sketch Engine.

Each session will finish with practical exercises to promote user independence. Practical examples will draw on real-life scenarios from various research areas.

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Brno Czech Republic

2 days | 13 hours of tuition

economy accommodation options

€ 475

Prague Airport Czech Republic

3 days | 13 hours of tuition

time-saving schedule: arrive on day 1, depart on day 3

€ 530 (early bird)

The teaching content is identical in both locations. The Prague Airport Boot Camp is specifically scheduled to allow arrival on day 1 and departure on day 3 to most European destinations.

Who is it for?

  • for users who never worked with Sketch Engine or any other corpus system
  • for users who are only familiar with a handful of Sketch Engine features and want to master the complete functionality

The focus will be on the corpora, searching and understanding the results, not on the technology, algorithms or programming.

Why should I take part?

You will learn to generate richer and more relevant results faster and to employ a combination of tools to get a deeper insight into the linguistic data. You will also learn to build higher-quality corpora and exploit the prebuilt corpora for both general and specialized tasks.

Will I learn everything?

Sketch Engine Boot Camp will prepare you for a vast majority of uses. Niche topics, however, may be covered in limited details due to the tight schedule.  The focus will stay on making the most of the interface and understanding the results. Technicalities will be limited to the necessary minimum. Statistics and maths formulas used in our algorithms will not be covered in depth. Programmatic use via API will not be covered.

What if I have a very specific use case?

You can discuss them during coffee breaks, on-site lunch breaks or after the classes. You can book an individual consultation slot.


Although the training will be delivered in English and practical tasks will assume the use of an English corpus, the acquired skills are applicable to the analysis of any language Sketch Engine supports.

This course can also be delivered in Spanish upon request.

What is the difference between the Boot Camp and Lexicom?

The Boot Camp focusses on the correct and effective use of the interface and the understanding of the tools and their results. It does not teach any theoretical background of corpus linguistics, lexicography, NLP, text analysis or other disciplines. It is up to the participant to relate the tools to their research subject.

Lexicom is a course in lexicography. It teaches the theoretical background and concepts of lexicography and the use of Sketch Engine for lexicography.

Payment options

We accept payments by card online or by bank transfer. An invoice and/or an online payment link will be sent after completing the registration form.

Bring your own device!

This is a BYOD event. You are expected to bring your own laptop. A tablet is possible but a less preferred option because some functionality may not be available. WiFi access to the internet will be provided. A limited number of laptops can be provided on-site. Please check availability before registering.

What is in the fee?

  • 13 hours of tuition
  • 12-month access to Sketch Engine**
  • storage space of 5,000,000 words for user corpora**
  • coffee, tea, drinks, refreshments and lunch

**) Sketch Engine access and storage space cannot be awarded to users within ELEXIS-funded access who can request additional storage space from the admins at their institutions.

Not included in the fee

  • accommodation
  • travel expenses and any other costs

Check the FAQ section above or contact us.