If you are a Sketch Engine user, you may wish to refer to the User guide.

Trial access

Yes, no credit card or payment information is required to register for the free trial of Sketch Engine.

You will have access to the complete functionality (concordance, word sketch, thesaurus, keyword lists, word list, n-grams etc.) of Sketch Engine and also access to 100 ready-made corpora in more than 75 languages.

Yes, you will have access to the  Corpus Architect  and you will be able to create user corpora by having  WebBootCaT  tool download relevant texts from the internet for you or by uploading your own documents.

No, they will be carried over to your paid subscription access.

Yes, we have an open version of Sketch Engine. However, it only contains 3 corpora in one language only: English. To access the open version, go to https://app.sketchengine.eu/#open and click on a corpus of your choice.

Languages and corpora

The size of the preloaded corpora varies, the biggest corpora have up to 30 billion words. See the up-to-date list with details.

Sketch Engine currently contains corpora in more than 90 languages. For a complete list, click here.

Yes, you can. Here is how.

Yes, we are constantly looking for ways of bringing more corpora and more languages in. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or sign up for our newsletter to get notified about new features, languages or corpora.

Yes, you will be able to search the corpus and, generate wordlists or collocations but some more advanaced features will not be available. Please refer to the User Manual.

Data privacy and security

The corpus storage in Sketch Engine works in a similar way to Google Drive or similar online services. You can only upload data to your own personal space. Only you can access the data. You can, however, decide to grant access to individually selected users. An explicit action has to be take on our part for this to happen. There is no way to share the data with all users or to make them openly available on the internet.

Your data will be stored on hardware owned by Lexical Computing s.r.o., the company behind Sketch Engine. The hardware is located in the Czech Republic in a secure data centre with the highest degree of security. Only authorised employees have access to the hardware.

Please refer to our this document or contact us with any questions you might have about this topic.

Types of subscription

Academic subscriptions are only for individuals or institutions whose activity is non-commercial and they are not affiliated with a company.

Non-academic subscriptions are for individuals, institutions or companies who will use Sketch Engine to carry out commercial activities

  • freelancing translators, terminologists, copywriters who do not have a long-term affiliation with a company are entitled to an individual non-academic subscription
  • lexicographers and companies will need a multiuser non-academic subscription

But please do get in touch with us if you are not sure.

Yes, you can switch between monthly, 3-monthly and yearly subscription. The cycle will change after your current subscription expires. Please contact us.

The Teacher + Students subscription allows teachers to request access to Sketch Engine for their students at a discounted price. Terms and conditions apply. Please see our pricelist.

Ordering and payment

Individual academic subscription can be paid by card online or by bank transfer.

Other subscriptions can only be paid by bank transfer. You will be invoiced. Please email us at inquiries@sketchengine.co.uk and include the following information:

  • name of the subscription
  • number of users
  • full invoicing details – name of the individual or institution, full address, VAT ID (if applicable)

Please refer to the price list for the types of subscription available.

Yes, please contact us at inquiries@sketchengine.co.uk

Immediately when paying by credit card online or after we receive your payment when paying by bank transfer.


No, Sketch Engine is an online service delivered via standard browsers.

There are none. As long as you can access the internet via an internet browser, you should be fine.

We only offer this option to large institutions or publishing houses in case hosting their corpora on our servers is not possible for legal reasons. Bear in mind that the installation involves terabytes of data.