Sketch Engine runs a subscription model. The pricing depends on the type of use: academic or non-academic.

Academic and non-academic – the difference

Academic subscription

The academic subscription is a heavily discounted subscription for users from academia, typically students and teachers who use Sketch Engine to learn corpus linguistics (and related fields) or to perform research in order to publish academic papers. The subscription comes with access to all tools, corpora and languages. The users can view and download results with these limitations. The use of the account or the downloaded data must stay within the academic environment. The use for non-academic or commercial projects, services or products is not allowed.

Language teaching is considered academic use when used for the development of single-use or limited-use materials or activities for use in a concrete lesson or for a concrete group of students. It is considered commercial when used for the development of teaching materials which are to be made widely available, for example, course books and other teaching materials for sale.

Language learning, i.e. the use of Sketch Engine by students for their own learning, qualifies for an academic subscription.


The prices of academic subscriptions are heavily discounted and are published in the price list on our website. We offer both individual and multiuser accounts.

Academic pricing

Commercial (non-academic) subscription

Any use not included above is considered commercial, irrespective of whether it generates revenue directly, indirectly or not at all.

Lexicography (compiling and editing dictionaries and other lexical data of similar nature) is always considered commercial (non-academic).

The commercial subscription comes with access to all tools, corpora and languages with these limitations.  The use of Sketch Engine or the downloaded results may be used outside the academic environment.


The prices of commercial subscriptions for freelancers, i.e. users not employed by a company, organization or institution, are published on our website. They apply to translators, interpreters, terminologists and also to specialists in the field of marketing, naming, branding, SEO, text analysis and similar fields.

In all other cases, the prices are subject to an individual quotation based on the type of use, the intensity of use, number of users and the amount of data the user plans to upload. The quotation also reflects the amount of data the user plans to retrieve from our preloaded corpora.