When does the free access end?

The ELEXIS funding of your access to Sketch Engine terminates on 31 March 2022. Some institution may have an extended end date date. To check the end date for your institution, log in to Sketch Engine and go to My account. If your account is closed, your institution has not extended the access. See below what to do.

my account - elexis closing date

Keep access as an institution

Action point

Contact the library or the person responsible for electronic subscriptions to assure the extension of the access. Contact us if you need our assistance.

1. The same type of access ⇢ university-wide account

To keep the same type of access as with ELEXIS, i.e. for all teachers, researchers and students, a university-wide account is required. The price is determined by the size of the institution.

FREE The university keeps the extra 1 billion words of storage to distribute among users who need more space for their own data. Only valid with a university-wide licence.

2. Access for a limited group ⇢ group account

To keep access for a small group of users, a group account is required. The price is determined by the number of accounts. With more than 60 users, a university-wide account may be a cheaper option.

Keep access as an individual

User data, corpora

User corpora are always linked to user accounts, not to institutions. A user’s own corpora will stay in the user’s account no matter which option the user chooses to continue with

Cancel access

If your institution does not wish to keep your access to Sketch Engine, no action is required. The institutional access will close on your account end date. No fees will be charged.

User corpora in cancelled accounts

User corpora will be kept for 12 months even if the university cancels its access. They can be made accessible to the users again by purchasing a subscription. A 1-month subscription is sufficient to download the corpora.

After 12 months, we reserve the right to delete the corpora.

Account conversion

We are able to convert any ELEXIS user account into any other type of account while preserving all user’s data and settings. No data will be lost.  If you are interested, please contact us at support@sketchengine.eu

Corpus sharing

User corpora shared with other users are available only if the corpus owner account stays active.

User corpora shared with the institution will only stay shared if the institution continues with a paid institutional account.

Any corpus that becomes unshared can be shared again with new users or institutional accounts which the user is a member of.