End date

When does the free access funded by ELEXIS end?

The ELEXIS funding of your access to Sketch Engine terminates on 31 March 2022.

When is my account end date?

This differs between institutions. To check the Sketch Engine end date for your institution, log in to Sketch Engine and go to My account.

If the end date is later than 31 March 2022, it means that your institution had a running Sketch Engine subscription when the ELEXIS funding started. The unused part of the subscription will be activated again on 31 March 2022 and will extend the end date for you.

my account - elexis closing date

Keep access

To keep access after your account end date, a subscription has to be purchased.

Action point

Contact the relevant people at your institution and take the necessary steps now to assure funding for your access after the end date. Contact us if you need our assistance, e.g. official quotation or other paperwork.

The same type of access ⇢ university-wide licence

To keep the same type of access as with ELEXIS, i.e. for all teachers, researchers and students, a university-wide subscription is required. The price is determined by the size of the institution. The price recognizes the fact that although everybody has access, realistically only a small group will use Sketch Engine actively.

Benefit: The university keeps the extra 1 billion words of storage to distribute among users who need more space for their own data.

Access for a group of users ⇢ site licence

To keep access for a group of users, a site licence is required. The price is determined by the number of accounts. The institution can add or delete the accounts as necessary provided the total number stays within the limit.

With more than 60 users, a university-wide licence may be a cheaper option. This depends on the size of the university.

Individual access ⇢ individual subscription

If the university does not plan to purchase a university-wide licence or site licence, individuals can keep their access via individual subscriptions.

Cancel access

If your institution does not wish to keep your access to Sketch Engine, no action is required. The institutional access will close on your account end date. No fees will be charged.

If you built your own corpora, you may wish to download them and archive them now. Download in all available formats just in case.

User corpora in cancelled accounts

User corpora will be kept for 12 months even if the university cancels its access. They can be made accessible to the users again by purchasing a subscription.

After 12 months, we reserve the right to delete the corpora.

User data, corpora

A user’s own corpora will stay in the user’s account no matter which option the user chooses to continue with.

Corpus sharing

User corpora shared with other users will stay shared with the same users provided the account of the corpus owner stays active.