An online course in corpus searching, corpus analysis and corpus building with Sketch Engine.

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Start date: every weekday

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What is Boot Camp online?

Boot Camp Online is an online course based on the popular face-to-face Boot Camp course. It teaches the complete Sketch Engine functionality for corpus searching, corpus analysis and corpus building. It is aimed at all existing or future Sketch Engine users as well as users who have just only started pursuing their interest in corpora.

Boot Camp Online does not specifically focus on linguistic or lexicographic topics unless they are linked strongly to corpora.


It is an e-learning course with continuous enrolment. Access is set up within 1 working day after the payment is received. Individual consultations are scheduled by each student via a booking system.

What is included?

The price includes:

  • 12-month access to the course
  • a yearly account in Sketch Engine for exercises and practice, incl. 5 million words of storage for your own data*
  • 15–20 hours of intensive study
    (estimate only, study times of concrete students may differ, we recommend distributing it evenly across at least 2 weeks for best results.)
  • 4 × 30 min individual video consultations for in-depth practice and individual help
  • teaching texts with links to real examples in the Sketch Engine interface
  • videos
  • quizzes
  • practical exercises with guidance, hints, solutions and comments
  • forums with each topic for questions to be answered by your teacher
  • a completion certificate awarded upon completing one of the final assignments

*) Not valid for non-academic users and users with individual subscription plans.
For academic users, the end date of your existing accounts will be extended.  The end date cannot be extended and extra storage cannot be provided to users with an account managed by their institution. No refund will be provided in this case. Alternatively, an additional stand-alone individual account with 5 million words of storage will be created as a compensation.

About the teaching materials

All texts and exercises were written specifically for this course. They introduce concepts and tools in small steps with additional notes and illustrative examples.

The aim was not to provide a detailed technical description. Instead, attention was paid to making these materials clear and practical to help users become independent as soon as possible.

The initial topics are freely accessible. Have a look.

Web, mobile or app

boot camp mobile interfaceThe course content and the Sketch Engine interface adjust to mobile devices. The course content is supported by mobile browsers and a dedicated app.

Topics in the course

Click below to open the list of topics covered by the course.

Exercises and quizzes are integrated into the chapters listed here.  Most chapters are divided into many small subtopics.

Corpus and its size

What is a corpus?
Is the corpus big enough?
Discussing corpus size
Corpora in Sketch Engine
Corpus types


Word and vertical text
Accuracy of tagging and lemmatization
Text types (metadata)
Terminology forum


Interface basics
Screen setup for exercises
Interface forum

Tools, part 1

Word Sketch
Working with the result screen
Display density
Word Sketch Difference
Corpus size and system speed
Regular expressions
Tools 1 forum

Corpus building

From the web
From uploaded files
Corpus info page
Compare corpora
Forum – Corpus building

Tools, part 2

Keywords & Terms
Tools 2 forum

Tools, part 3 – concordance

Concordance – searching
Concordance – viewing
Concordance – processing results
Tools 3 forum

CQL – Corpus Query Language

CQL – Essentials
CQL – Extension
Word or lemma?
CQL forum

Text types

Text type basics
Text type search and analysis
Quiz – text types in the whole corpus
Quiz – text types of results


Subcorpus basics
Searching and building subcorpora

Annotating a corpus

What can be annotated?
Adding metadata to files
Sentence, noun phrase and other structures
POS tags, lemmas and other attributes

Multilingual features

Parallel corpus
Parallel concordance
Parallel corpora in Sketch Engine
Parallel corpus building
Multilingual word sketch
Bilingual term extraction

Multi-word features

What is a multiword expression?
Corpus size with MWEs
Collocations, phrases, bundles…
Advanced n-grams
Multiword sketch

Working with word senses and topics

Sense-specific subcorpora
— Annotation ⇢ Subcorpus
— Concordance search ⇢ Subcorpus

Comparing corpora

Compare corpus tool
Comparing with keywords

Final assignments
Reference materials & downloads

Vertical table PDF
Regex cheat sheet PDF
CQL cheat sheet PDF