A tagset is a list of part-of-speech tags (POS tags for short), i.e. labels used to indicate the part of speech and sometimes also other grammatical categories (case, tense etc.) of each token in a text corpus.

Chinese Symbols of parts of speech are available in Chinese corpora annotated with tagging tool developed by Institute of Information Science and CKIP group in Academia Sinica.

An example of a tag: [tag=”V.*”] for all types of verbs (usage in the CQL concordance search box)

Simple POS Abbreviation Corresponded symbols in CKIP Interpretation
Adjective A A Non-predicative adjective
Conjunction Caa Caa Conjunctive conjunction,e.g.和、跟
Cab Cab Conjunction, e.g.等等
Cba Cbab Conjunction, e.g.的話
Cbb Cbaa, Cbba, Cbbb, Cbca, Cbcb Correletive Conjunction
Adverb D Dab, Dbaa, Dbab, Dbb, Dbc, Dc, Dd, Dg, Dh, Dj Adverb
Da Daa Quantitative Adverb
的-Construction DE 的,之,得,地
Adverb Dfa Dfa Pre-verbal Adverb of degree
Dfb Dfb Post-verbal Adverb of degree
Di Di Aspectual Adverb
Dk Dk Sentential Adverb
Foreign Word FW Foreign Word
Interjection I I Interjection
Noun Na Naa, Nab, Nac, Nad, Naea, Naeb Common Noun
Nb Nba, Nbc Proper Noun
Nc Nca, Ncb, Ncc, Nce Place Noun
Ncd Ncda, Ncdb Localizer
Nd Ndaa, Ndab, Ndc, Ndd Time Noun
Determiner Nep Nep Demonstrative Determinatives
Neqa Neqa Quantitative Determinatives
Neqb Neqb Post-quantitative Determinatives
Nes Nes Specific Determinatives
Neu Neu Numeral Determinatives
Measure Nf Nfa, Nfb, Nfc, Nfd, Nfe, Nfg, Nfh, Nfi Measure
Postposition Ng Ng Postposition
Pronoun Nh Nhaa, Nhab, Nhac, Nhb, Nhc Pronoun
Preposition P P* Preposition
verb 是 SHI
Particle T Ta, Tb, Tc, Td Particle
Verb VA VA11,12,13,VA3,VA4 Active Intransitive Verb
VAC VA2 Active Causative Verb
VB VB11,12,VB2 Active Pseudo-transitive Verb
VC VC2, VC31,32,33 Active Transitive Verb
VCL VC1 Active Verb with a Locative Object
VD VD1, VD2 Ditransitive Verb
VE VE11, VE12, VE2 Active Verb with a Sentential Object
VF VF1, VF2 Active Verb with a Verbal Object
VG VG1, VG2 Classificatory Verb
VH VH11,12,13,14,15,17,VH21 Stative Intransitive Verb
VHC VH16, VH22 Stative Causative Verb
VI VI1,2,3 Stative Pseudo-transitive Verb
VJ VJ1,2,3 Stative Transitive Verb
VK VK1,2 Stative Verb with a Sentential Object
VL VL1,2,3,4 Stative Verb with a Verbal Object
V_2 V_2
Punctuation COMMACATEGORY , comma
PARENTHESISCATEGORY “, 》, ’, ( parenthesis
QUESTIONCATEGORY ? question mark
ETCCATEGORY … three dots
EXCLANATIONCATEGORY ! exclamation mark

Source: http://ckip.iis.sinica.edu.tw/CKIP/paper/Sinica%20Corpus%20user%20manual.pdf