A perfect showcase for your corpus

Let your corpus shine with our state-of-the-art corpus query tools. Sketch Engine corpus hosting is a safe and permanent place to display your corpus – a perfect home to guarantee sustainable long-term availability to the general public or the audience you define. Sketch Engine already hosts 500+ text corpora in 90+ languages and can handle high volume usage.

Corpus hosting plans

The corpus hosting plans are ordered by their cost.

  • Main corpora *)
  • The corpus is placed under the Main corpora. All paying users (not trial subscription users) have access.
  • Trial corpora *)
  • The corpus is placed under the Trial corpora, i.e. paying users as well as trial users have access.
  • Separate installation
  • The corpus is placed in a separate installation of Sketch Engine, possibly on a different site, with bespoke branding, customization etc. You are in full control of how access is granted.
Open corpora – hosting fees

The following prices are for 1 year and are exclusive of VAT.

corpus size up to 1 million words
EUR 100 for 1 year

corpus size up to 5 million words
EUR 300 for 1 year

corpus size up to 10 million words
EUR 500 for 1 year

*) In the case of Main, Trial and Open corpora plans, Sketch Engine reserves the right to evaluate the corpus prior to accepting the data for hosting. Highly specialized corpora of limited general interest might not be accepted. Poor data quality may also disqualify the corpus from inclusion in Sketch Engine.

There is no data evaluation involved in the case of a separate installation.