GDEX is distributed as Python distutils packages that is installed in a standard way:

python install

Sketch Engine automatically detects gdex (must be in PYTHONPATH) and unlocks respective functionality.


Adding configurations

The online interface provides a special page for uploading user configurations to Sketche Engine. Local installations need to modify gdexpath variable in run.cgi in section # ConcCGI options.

The value should contain a list of tuples (‘configuration_name’, ‘full_path_to_the_configuration). E.g.:

class BonitoCGI (WSketchCGI, UserCGI, WSEval):
    # ConcCGI options
    gdexpath = [('Shorter', '/corpora/gdex/configurations/shorter')]

Alternatively a path to default configuration of a corpus can be set in its registry file using GDEXDEFAULTCONF.