Our service is subject to FUP (Fair Use Policy), as defined in our Service level agreement. You may be affected by it in two ways:

In the web interface

When working very intensively in the interface, you may occasionally exceed our limits. You are then asked to complete a CAPTCHA test to prove you are human to continue your work. We are sorry for these false alarms and the inconvenience they bring. We regularly analyse them and adjust our settings to minimize them.

While using our API

You are expected to stay within the FUP limits. When you exceed them, our servers will respond to your requests with the HTTP status code 429 Too many requests. You should respond by stopping further requests, especially as they would fail anyway and put unnecessary load on our servers. It is advisable insert a wait time between requests, if you suspect the FUP could be reached.

  • For fewer than 100 requests, you may not need to wait at all.
  • For 100–900 requests, we recommend 4 seconds.
  • For more than 900 requests, it is best to wait at least 45 seconds.

If you accidentally hit our limits when testing your code, it is acceptable to use the CAPTCHA test once or twice to reset your numbers. However, doing so regularly is considered cheating and frowned upon. The same applies to creating multiple trial accounts to “stack” their limits. Prolonged frowning from our side may result in your network getting blocked.