• alignment

    Alignment is a term used in connection with parallel corpora. A parallel corpus consists of a text and its translation into one or more languages. Parallel corpora need to be divided into segments. A segment usually corresponds to a sentence. Alignment refers to information that tells Sketch Engine which segment (sentence) in one language is the translation of which segment (sentence) in another language. The easiest way to provide the alignment information to Sketch Engine is to upload the data in a tabular format (e.g. Excel).  Alternatives that can account for more complex alignment are also available. see Build a parallel corpus
  • ARF – Average Reduced Frequency [ statistics ]

    a modified frequency which prevents the result to be excessively influenced by one part of the corpus (e.g. one or more documents) which contains a high concentration of the token. If the token is evenly distributed across the corpus, ARF and absolute frequency will be similar or identical. see also ARF definition  
  • Attribute

    An attribute can refer to: A possitional attribute - information added to each token in a corpus, e.g. its lemma or part of speech. A structure attribute - information added to a structure in a corpus, often called metadata