Good Dictionary Examples is a technology in Sketch Engine which can identify automatically sentences which are suitable as dictionary example sentences or as teaching examlpes, i.e. are illustrative and representative. The GDEX can be applied on any concordance. It will sort the lines and will place the ones with the best GDEX score to the top. The GDEX technology evaluates the sentences with respect to their length and complexity, safe topics, the presence of difficult and low-frequency words and other similar criteria specified in the GDEX configuration. more on GDEX
  • gender lemma

    The gender lemma is an attribute used in connection with term extraction. Its purpose is to display terminology in the correct word form in languages which distinguish gender with adjectives and nouns. Lemma would produce a grammatically unacceptable word form combination. Examples Spanish
    word form lemma gender lemma
    cámaras compactas cámara compacto cámara compacta
    Красной площади красный площадь Красная площадь
    piłce nożnej piłka nożny piłka nożna
  • global subcorpus

    a subcorpus that is shared with all users. See instructions how to set the subcorpus shared all users»
  • Grammatical relation

    A grammatical relation, or gramrel, refers to one column in the word sketch. Each column represents a category which displays collocates with the same relation to the search word, e.g. subjects of a verb or modifiers of a noun. Some columns may also display the usage statistics of the search word instead of collocates, e.g. the statistics of noun cases or verbal tenses of the search word.