• keyword

    (Not to be confused with terms which is a related concept.) Keywords is a concept used in connection with Keyword & Term extraction. Keywords are words (single-token items), that appear more frequently in the focus corpus than in the reference corpus. They can be used to identify what is specific to one corpus (focus corpus) or its subcorpus in comparison with another corpus (reference corpus) or its subcorpus. Comparisons can be also be made between two subcorpora of the same corpus or between the whole corpus and one of its subcorpora. Keywords can be extracted using the Keywords & Terms tool in Sketch Engine. Typically, the largest corpus in the language will be selected as the reference corpus. The user can set a different corpus or subcorpus as the reference corpus/subcorpus. see also term term extraction
  • KWIC

    KWIC is the acronym for Key Word in Context and refers to the red text highlighted in a concordance. The red text is the result that matches the search criteria. Such a concordance might be referred to as a KWIC concordance. The KWIC concordance is the preferred format for displaying concordance data because it is easy to observe the context to the right and left. KWIC and KWIC concordance Sketch Engine allows to change the KWIC view to sentence view which displays the complete sentence. The sentence view is only useful in specific cases such as when working with GDEX.