Click the My account menu person_outline in the top right of the screen to access these options.

My account and password

Check your name, user name, personal details or email address or to change your password. To change your personal details or email address, contact us.


  • change your billing details
  • access your subscription status
  • download your invoices
  • cancel your subscription plan
  • purchase extra storage space

Click CHANGE PASSWORD to set a new password for your account.

My Sketch Engine

For expert users only. Insert custom configuration files such as Sketch grammars, term grammars or corpus templates.


Use the settings to

  • change the density of text on the screen (keyboard shortcuts are D+1, D+2 and D+3)
  • change the language of the interface
  • set up access to your Lexonomy account

Any changes are saved automatically.

Result view settings

The view of search results can be set individually for each tool using the View options icon visibility in the tool bar above the results.

My account menu