A tagset is a list of part-of-speech tags (POS tags for short), i.e. labels used to indicate the part of speech and sometimes also other grammatical categories (case, tense etc.) of each token in a text corpus.

HunMorph part-of-speech tagset was previously available in Hungarian corpora by the Hunmorph morphological analyzer. Nowadays is replaced with Hungarian emMorph-based part-of-speech tagset.

An Example of a tag in the CQL concordance search box[tag="NOUN"] finds all nouns, e.g. és, rendelet (note: please make sure that you use straight double quotation marks)


Tag POS category
ADJ adjective
ADV adverb
ART article
CONJ conjunction
DET determiner
NOUN noun
NUM numeral
ONO onomatopoeic
POSTP postposition
PREP preposition
PREV preverb
PUNCT punctuation
UTT-INT utterance/interjection
VERB verb

number: singular (s´ogor) <-PLUR>
„simple” (s´ogor-ok) „simple” (s´ogor-ok)
famili´aris birtokos (s´ogor-´ek) <+PLUR<+FAM>>
possessor: none <-POSS>
overt possessor
1st (s´ogor-om) <+POSS<+1><-2>>
2nd (s´ogor-od) <+POSS<-1><+2>>
3rd (s´ogor-a) <+POSS<-1><-2>>
singular (s´ogor-ai) <+POSS<-PLUR>>
plural (s´ogor-uk) <+POSS<+PLUR>>
possessed: none <-ANP>
overt possessed number
singular (s´ogor-´e) <+ANP<-PLUR>>
plural (s´ogor-´ei) <+ANP<+PLUR>>
case: „none” NOM ( s´ogor) <-CAS>
overt, one of 16 cases: ACC ( s´ogort) <+CAS<+ACC>>
DAT (s´ogor-nak) <+CAS<+DAT>>
INS (s´ogor-ral) <+CAS<+INS>>
CAU (s´ogor-´ert) <+CAS<+CAU>>
TRA (s´ogor-r´a) <+CAS<+TRA>>
SUE (s´ogor-on) <+CAS<+SUE>>
SBL (s´ogor-ra) <+CAS<+SBL>>
DEL (s´ogor-r´ol) <+CAS<+DEL>>
INE (s´ogor-ban) <+CAS<+INE>>
ELA (s´ogor-b´ol) <+CAS<+EAL>>
ILL (s´ogor-ba) <+CAS<+ILL>>
ADE (s´ogor-n´al) <+CAS<+ADE>>
ALL (s´ogor-hoz) <+CAS<+ALL>>
ABL (s´ogor-t´ol) <+CAS<+ABL>>
TER (s´ogor-ig) <+CAS<+TER>>
FOR (s´ogor-k´ent) <+CAS<+FOR>>
modality: none <-MODAL>
modal (futhat) <+MODAL>
mood: conjunctive <-SUBJUNC><-COND>
(no tense) <+SUBJUNC>
conditional <+COND>
tense: present <-PAST><-FUT>
past <+PAST>
(only for the copula ’van’) <+FUT>
number/person: subject person
1st (futok) <+PERS<+1><-2>>
1st (v´arlak)
with 2nd person object <+PERS<+1<+OBJ<+2><-2>>
2nd (futsz) <+PERS<-1><+2>>
3rd (fut) <+PERS<-1><-2>>
subject number
singular (fut) <-PLUR>
plural (futnak) <+PLUR>
definiteness indefinite (l´at) <-DEF>
definite (l´atja) <+DEF>
Tag explanation example POS
FREQ frequentative gat VERB → VERB
MEDIAL medial ´odik VERB → VERB
CAUS causative tat VERB → VERB
PART adverbial participle va VERB → ADV
PERF PART perfect adverbial participle v´an VERB → ADV
IMPERF PART imperfect adjectival participle ´o VERB → ADJ
FUT PART future adjectival participle and´o VERB → ADJ
PERF PART perfect adjectival participle ott VERB → ADJ
NEG PERF PART negative perfect adjectival participle atlan VERB → ADJ
GERUND gerund ´as VERB → NOUN
NEG MODAL PART negative modal adjectival participle hatatlan VERB → ADJ
MODAL PART modal adjectival participle hat´o VERB → ADJ
REG ACT activity kodik NOUN → VERB
ABSTRACT abstract s´ag NOUN → NOUN
MRS mrs n´e NOUN → NOUN
DIMIN diminutive ka NOUN → NOUN
ATTRIB attributive s NOUN → ADJ
MET ATTRIB metonymical attributive i NOUN → ADJ
INAL ATTRIB inalienable attributive j´u NOUN → ADJ
NEG ATTRIB negative attributive talan NOUN → ADJ
TYPE1 type1 szeru NOUN → ADJ
TYPE2 type2 f´ele NOUN → ADJ
TYPE3 type3 nemu NOUN → ADJ
TYPE RANK type rank rang´u NOUN → ADJ
NEG ATTRIB2 negative attributive2 mentes NOUN → ADJ
TYPE4 type4 fajta NOUN → ADJ
LOC INE locative inessive beli NOUN → ADJ
QUANTITY quantity nyi NOUN → NUM
ESS FOR essivus formalis k´eppen NOUN → ADV
COM comitative stul NOUN → ADV
PERIOD1 period1 ank´ent NOUN → ADV
PERIOD2 period2 onta NOUN → ADV
ACT activity oz NOUN → VERB
ACT2 activity2 ol NOUN → VERB
COMPAR comparative bb ADJ → ADJ
SUPERLAT superlative leg-bb ADJ → ADJ
SUPERSUPERLAT supersuperlative legesleg-bb ADJ → ADJ
COMPAR DESIGN comparative designative bbik ADJ → ADJ
SUPERLAT DESIGN superlative designative leg-bbik ADJ → ADJ
SUPERSUPERLAT DESIGN supersuperlative designative legesleg-bbik ADJ → ADJ
MANNER manner lag ADJ → ADV
MANNER manner an ADJ → ADV
INTRANS RESULT intransitive resultative odik/ul ADJ → VERB
TRANS RESULT transitive resultative ´ıt ADJ → VERB
MULTIPL-ITER multiplicative iterative szor NUM → ADV
MULTIPL-ITER multiplicative iterative szoroz NUM → VERB
ITER ATTRIB iterative attributive szori NUM → ADJ
MULTIPL ATTRIB multiplicative attributive szoros NUM → ADJ
MULTIPL multiplicative szorta NUM → ADV
AGGREG aggregative an NUM → ADV
FRACT fractional ad NUM → NUM
ORD ordinal odik NUM → NUM
DATE date odika NUM → NOUN
ATTRIB attributive i POSTP → ADJ

See detailed information about the tagset in The annotation system of HunMorph by Alexandr Rosen (2006).

Source: http://utkl.ff.cuni.cz/~rosen/public/kr_for_ldc.pdf

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