Sketch Engine shortcuts – hotkeys

Macros in Sketch Engine

Automate your usual operations with the Macro tools. Learn it in one minute only.

Keyboard shortcuts

Sketch Engine enables you to use hotkeys in order to accelerate your work. For most of the keyboard shortcuts, you need to press the first letter, release, then the second letter, release. Do not press both letters simultaneously.
For example, if you need to switch to a different corpus, you can just press then c (Select Corpus) and start typing the name of another corpus. Usually, the hotkeys refer to the actions they execute and thus they are easier to remember.

Global shortcuts

s then c Select Corpus
s then a Select corpus: Advanced tab
g then h Go to dasHboard
g then b Go to Background jobs (computations)
g then m Go to Manage corpus
g then w Go to Wordlist
g then t Go to Thesaurus
g then c Go to Concordance
g then p Go to Parallel Concordance
g then s Go to word Sketch
g then d Go to sketch Difference
g then k Go to Keywords
g then n Go to  N-grams
g then r Go to tRends
g then a Go to Text type Analysis
d then 1 Display density: low
d then 2 Display density: medium
d then 3 Display density: high
left Go to the previous result page
right Go to the next result page
esc Close dialog or visualization
c then c Change search Criteria
c then v Change View options
q Hide (Quit) toolbar on the result page

Concordance shortcuts

f then w KWIC Frequency: Words
f then l KWIC Frequency: Lemma
f then t KWIC Frequency: POS Tags
f then d KWIC Frequency: Line Details
f then x KWIC Frequency: TeXt types
v then k concordance View: KWIC
v then s concordance View: Sentence
s then g Sort with GDEX