A tagset is a list of part-of-speech tags (POS tags for short), i.e. labels used to indicate the part of speech and sometimes also other grammatical categories (case, tense etc.) of each token in a text corpus.

Lao part-of-speech tagset is available in Lao corpora annotated by the in-house RTF tagger model using the PAN localization part-of-speech legend.

An Example of a tag in the CQL concordance search box: [tag="AD[VIP]"] finds all adverbs, e.g. ທີ່ສຸດ, ເຄີຍ (note: please make sure that you use straight double quotation marks)

PoS tag Description Example
N|LBL|CMN|TTL noun ປະເທດ
V verb ຊື້
ADJ adjective ໃຫຍ່
AD[VIP] adverb ຍັງ
PRS|DMN|NTR|REL pronoun ຂ້ອຍ
COJ|COP|SCO conjunction ແລະ
PRE preposition ດ້ວຍ
PRN proper noun
CNM|ONM numeral ຫນຶ່ງ, 12
PRA|PAM|PVA preverb ສາມາດ
DAN|DBQ|DAQ|IAC|IBQ|IAQ|CNM determiner ກໍ່
CLF|CLT|MTR|FQC|VBL classifier ລັງ
INT interjection
FIX prefix ການ
EAF|EIT final article
NEG negator ບໍ່
PUNCT|SENT|PM punctuation

Source: https://www.sketchengine.eu/wp-content/uploads/pan-localization-summary-of-pos.pdf (This document was taken from WayBack Machine)