Lexical Computing Workshop at AIP Day (November 12th, 2020)

Option A: Learning how to use Sketch Engine

This workshop variant will guide you through Sketch Engine, a leading corpus management system. You will learn how to use the software to find typical usage patterns, examples, synonyms or data for probabilistic models as well as how to build your own corpora from texts you have. The workshop is user-oriented and has no specific skills as a prerequisite.

Option B: Automatic processing of very large texts

This workshop variant will show you some basic strategies for indexing and search very large text databases (corpora). The workshop will be a combination of slides and practical work that you will carry out on a remote Linux system, therefore you should be familiar with working in Linux shell on some elementary level.

How to sign up?

Send an email to inquiries@sketchengine.eu, using “AIP Day: Option A” or “AIP Day: Option B” in subject. We will send you back a link to a Google Meet teleconference that will be used for the workshop.