Lexical Computing Workshop at SPP Day (May 19, 2022)

Time: 15:30–16:30

Place: room A220 (A building, 2nd floor)

Languages: Czech (or English if there are foreign students)

Bring your own laptop. You will need just standard tools such as grep, make, wget, python 3 and core utilities installed on your machine.

Workshop data to download to your machine

Lexical Computing logo

Using Linux for text processing (by Vít Suchomel)

This workshop will show you basics of text processing using command line tools in Linux. Participants should have elementary Linux shell skills.

Vít Suchomel

Vít Suchomel

Software Developer

How to sign up?

Fill out the registration form which will be sent to inquiries@sketchengine.eu. We will send you a confirmation with more details about the workshop. If you do not receive any reply within a few days, please contact us directly at the email: inquiries@sketchengine.eu