Some compounds can be spelt with a hyphen, without it or as two words separated by a space. Sketch Engine now allows searching for all three in one simple step. Type two hyphens (–) like this:


and Sketch Engine will find

multi million.

You may not allways find all three versions in the corpus because not all of them might be used frequently or exist at all.

See the result for in–depth (login not required)

This tip works in any language but only in the Simple concordance search found on both the BASIC and ADVANCED tabs. It will not work with other search types.

The functionality is the same on mobile and desktop interfaces.

Do you have a question to ask?

The best way to contact us is via the Request help or support icon feedback directly from the interface. This icon will add automatically additional information such as the name of the corpus and search and display settings and criteria for our support team to provide a more relevant answer.