Word Sketch grammar (WSG) is a set of rules defining the grammatical relations (=columns/categories) in a Word Sketch. These relations list e.g. subjects, objects, modifiers, etc.

Universal Word Sketch grammar with shallow tags

Universal Word Sketch grammar is available in corpora for which no specific Word Sketch grammar was created. This grammar contains only a few relations depending on the order of words and also their corpus frequency, e.g. context words on the right or stop words on the left.

This Universal word sketch grammar with relations for shallow tags provides only relations for words before and after search words.

#Universal Shallow (Level 2) Sketch Grammar Version 1.0
#Uses shallow tags FREQ and CONTENT (based on the corpus frequency of words)
#Copyright (c) Lexical Computing
#Initial version August 2014


    2:"CONTENT" []{0,3} 1:[]

    1:[] []{0,3} 2:"CONTENT"

    2:[tag="FREQ"] 1:[]

    1:[] 2:[tag="FREQ"]

    2:"CONTENT" 1:[]

    1:[] 2:"CONTENT"

List of text corpora

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