If you have any Sketch Engine related materials to share with others please send a link and a short description to support@sketchengine.co.uk.

Documentation in other languages

Profiling of Japanese vocabulary and grammatical information using a corpus of ten billion words. Thanks to Irena Srdanovic. 3rd Workshop on Science: Japanese corpus. February 28, 2013

A Sketch Engine Manual in Spanish. Thanks to Doaa Samy (Cairo University), Ana Fernández Pampillón Cesteros and Jorge Arús Hita (both at Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Sketch Engine Training Materials

Using Corpus Query Language Cambridge University Press (Jan 2012)

A Manual for Using Sketch Engine with the BAWE thanks to Hilary Nesi (Coventry University, UK) and Paul Thompson (University of Birmingham, UK)

Corpus analysis of words and phrases – examples of specific corpus searches and some more Sketch Engine queries thanks to James Thomas (Masaryk University, CZ; NB some examples use our old pre-2010 interface)

How to create names using the world’s most powerful naming tool – thanks to Anthony Shore for this wonderful article

Building a subject glossary thanks to Simos Smith (Coventry University, UK)

Users’ video materials

Eva Schaeffer-Lacroix shows some features of SkE

Creating a corpus and database thanks to Paul Smith

Sketch Engine Localisations

We are happy to offer the Sketch Engine interface in English and other languages. We thank our users listed below for creating localisations for their languages.

The new interface https://app.sketchengine.eu 

  • Czech localisation created by the Sketch Engine team.
  • Spanish localisation created Ondřej Matuška
  • French localisation created by Eva Lacroix.
  • Arabic localisation created by Luluh Aldhubayi and colleagues.
  • German localisation created by Miloš Jakubíček.
  • N’ko localisation created by the Nko Ton Jaabama.

The old interface https://old.sketchengine.co.uk

  • Czech localisation created by the Sketch Engine team.
  • Slovene localisation was created by Trojina, Institute for Applied Slovene Studies
  • Irish localisation was created by Foras na Gaeilge institute
  • Chinese localisation in traditional as well as simplified Chinese was created by Simon Smith and Janice Wu
  • Croatian localisation was created by Nikola Ljubešić
  • Arabic localisation was created by Maha Al-Harthi and Ahmad Abbadi
  • Spanish localisation was created by Michal Cukr & Ondřej Matuška
  • French localisation was created by Zuzana Gábiková

If you are willing to translate the Sketch Engine interface into another language, please contact support@sketchengine.co.uk for details.

Sketch Engine Events

The Seventh International Sketch Engine Workshop (2016)

The Sixth International Sketch Engine Workshop (2015)

The Fifth International Sketch Engine Workshop (2014)

The Fourth International Sketch Engine Workshop (2013)

The Third International Sketch Engine Workshop (2012)

The Second International Sketch Engine Workshop (2011)

The First Sketch Grammar Workshop (2010) Thanks to Simon Krek (Ljubljana, Slovenia)