Download limits

Wordlists, n-grams, keywords & terms

There is no limit to the number of word lists or concordances a user can generate, however, there is a limit to the length.

user corpuspreloaded corpus
max number of items:no limit, all items will be downloaded or displayed (technical limitation of 10 million items will be applied)● view and download 1,000 items from one list
● no limit to the number of lists that can be generated

A technical limit of 10 million items may be applied in any situation.

Bypassing the limits

Regular expressions can be used to exclude unwanted items and restrict the list to only required items which might make the 1,000-word limit sufficient.

Removing the limit

Commercial or lexicographic purposes

To gain access to unlimited lists from preloaded corpora for commercial purposes, lexicography or reselling, please request a quote from us.

Academic purposes

Access to unlimited lists from preloaded corpora for academic purposes is possible upon signing a research agreement and paying an administrative fee of 280 EUR + VAT for a single user account.

Please download Sketch Engine Research Licence for Word Lists, fill it in, sign, scan and send it back to together with your invoicing address and your Sketch Engine username.

Note though that we still reserve the right to apply some limits for technical reasons, usually at 10 million items.