Word list

The word list feature generates a frequency word list of all words or lemmas or specific parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs etc.

To generate a word list, log in to Sketch Engine and select a corpus from which you would like to generate the word list:

Select a corpus

With the corpus selected:

  • click on Word list in the left menu
  • use one of the preset options in the left bottom submenu:
    all words will generate a list of all  word forms in the corpus, i.e. going  and go will be counted separately and a frequency for each of them will be displayed on a different line
    all lemmas will generate a list of all lemmas in the corpus, i.e. going and go will be counted together and listed as go

To generate a more specific wordlist, for example a list of all nouns, verbs, words starting with a- etc. see the full word list manual.