A tagset is a list of part-of-speech tags (POS tags for short), i.e. labels used to indicate the part of speech and sometimes also other grammatical categories (case, tense etc.) of each token in a text corpus.

Brazilian Portuguese TreeTagger part-of-speech tagset is available in Corpus Brasileiro annotated by the tool TreeTagger that was developed by Helmut Schmid in the TC project at the Institute for Computational Linguistics of the University of Stuttgart with using Pablo Gamalo’s parameter file.

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An Example of a tag in the CQL concordance search box[tag="ADJ"]finds all adjectives, e.g. grande, maior (note: please make sure that you use straight double quotation marks)


Subregister Tokens Percentage
Articles 25,85,85,002 23.76%
Theses and dissertations 31,09,72,387 28.58%
Annals 69,47,244 0.64%
Screenplays 2,89,389 0.03%
Miscellanea 8,93,98,389 8.22%
Wikipedia 4,59,10,768 4.22%
Soccer broadcasts 86,323 0.01%
Manuals 7,08,239 0.07%
Magazines 4,94,974 0.05%
Newspaper 25,37,32,527 23.32%
Horoscope 4,319 0.00%
Interviews 40,03,975 0.37%
Miscellanea 90,97,447 0.84%
Short stories 60,777 0.01%
Essays (crônicas) 1,60,525 0.01%
Miscellanea 86,59,955 0.80%
Biographies 5,34,965 0.05%
Drug labels 1,13,228 0.01%
State assembly proceedings 39,77,450 0.37%
TV debates 22,033 0.00%
Presidential speeches 18,03,404 0.17%
Sessions of congress 7,71,39,578 7.09%
Miscellanea 9,14,786 0.08%
Bible 8,59,004 0.08%
Reports and manuals 1,37,42,224 1.26%

Tagset summary

Adjective  ADJ Adjectivo ADJ
Adverb  ADV Advérbio ADV
Determinant  DET Determinante DET
Cardinal or Ordinal  CARD Número Cardinal / Ordinal CARD
(common or proper) Noun  NOM Nome Comum / Próprio NOM
Pronoun  P Pronome P
Preposition  PREP Preposição PREP
Verb  V Verbo V
Interjection  I Interjeição I
puctuation marks within the phrase  VIRG * Separadores dentro da oraçao VIRG
puctuation marks between phrases  SENT Separadores de oraçoes SENT

Moreover, there are combinations of tags (Existem tambem cominaçoes de tags):

PREP+DET (for instance: “do”, “das”, etc.) PREP+DET (por exemplo: “do”, “das”, etc.)
V+P (for instance: “levou-me”, “disse-lhe”, etc.) V+P (por exemplo: “levou-me”, “disse-lhe”, etc.)

Source http://gramatica.usc.es/~gamallo/tagger/tagset.rtf