A tagset is a list of part-of-speech tags (POS tags for short), i.e. labels used to indicate the part of speech and sometimes also other grammatical categories (case, tense etc.) of each token in a text corpus.

Modified Finish TreeTagger part-of-speech tagset is available in Finish corpora annotated by the tool TreeTagger that was developed by Helmut Schmid in the TC project at the Institute for Computational Linguistics of the University of Stuttgart and containing modifications developed by Sketch Engine (currently pipeline version 2).

Finnish part-of-speech tagset overview

An Example of a tag in the CQL concordance search box[tag="N_.*Pl"] finds all nouns in plural, e.g. joissa, ihmiset  (note: please make sure that you use straight double quotation marks)

Finnish Tagset overview

N|N_.* noun
A|A_.* adjective
Pron pronoun
Num.* numeral
V|V_.* verb (except for present participle and perfect participle)
Adv|Ag.* adverb
Adp_.* adposition
CC coordinating conjunction
CS preposition and subordinating conjuction
Interj interjection
NON-TWOL non-word or foreign word
PrfPrc.* perfect participle
Abbr abbreviation
PrsPrc.* present participle
Punct punctuation except for sentence-ending punctuation
SENT sentence-ending punctuation (. or ! or ? or their combination)

Nouns subclassification

All nouns may be searched by a CQL query: [tag = “N|N_.*]

Tag Example of a tag
Example of words
Noun type Proper Prop N_Prop_Nom_Sg
Case Grammatical cases Nominative Nom N_Nom_Sg aika, osa
Genitive Gen N_Gen_Sg verran, ihmisen
Accusative Acc
Locative cases Inessive Ine N_Ine_Pl kuvissa, töissä
Elative Ela N_Ela_Pl lapsista, töissä
Illative Ill N_Ill_Sg kohtaan
Adessive Ade N_Ade_Sg puolella
Ablative Abl N_Abl_Sg puolelta, nimeltään
Allative All N_All_Sg tasolle, paikalle
Essive Ess N_Ess_Sg perjantaina, vuonna
Translative Tra N_Tra_Sg anteeksi, onneksi
Underused cases Abessive Abe N_Abe_Sg kiistatta, vuotta
Comitative Com N_Com korkoineen, päivineen
Instructive Ins N_Ins_Pl kaksin
Number Singular Sg N_Ill_Sg aikaan
Plural Pl N_Ill_Pl aikoihin

Adjective subclassification

All adjectives may be searched by a CQL query: [tag = “A|A_.*”]

Tag Example of a Tag
Type Proper Prop A_Prop_Nom_Sg
Adjective Grade Positive Pos
Comparative Comp
Superlative Superl
Case Grammatical cases Nominative Nom A_Nom_Sg
Genitive Gen A_Gen_Sg
Partitive Par A_Par_Sg
Accusative Acc
Locative cases Inessive Ine A_Ine_Sg
Elative Ela A_Ela_Sg
Illative Ill A_Ill_Sg
Adessive Ade A_Ade_Sg
Ablative Abl A_Abl_Sg
Allative All A_All_Sg
Essive Ess A_Ess_Sg
Translative Tra A_Tra_Sg
Underused cases Abessive Abe A_Abe_Pl
Comitative Com A_Com
Instructive Ins A_Ins_Pl
Number Singular Sg A_Nom_Sg
Plural Pl A_Nom_Pl

Pronoun subclassification

All pronouns may be searched by a CQL query: [tag = “Pron|Pron_.*”]

Tag Example of a tag
Pronouns Pronoun types Personal pronoun Pers Pron_Pers_Nom_Sg
Relative pronoun Rel Pron_Rel_Nom_Sg
Reciprocal pronoun Recip
Reflexive pronoun Refl Pron_Refl_Nom_Sg
Demonstrative pronoun Dem Pron_Dem_Nom_Sg
Indefinite pronoun Indef Pron_Indef
Quantifying pronoun Qnt Pron_Qnt_Nom_Sg
Interrogative pronoun Interr Pron_Interr_Nom_Sg
Case Grammatical cases Nominative Nom Pron_Dem_Nom_Sg
Genitive Gen Pron_Dem_Gen_Sg
Accusative Acc Pron_Pers_Acc_Sg
Locative cases Inessive Ine Pron_Dem_Ine_Sg
Elative Ela Pron_Qnt_Ela_Sg
Illative Ill Pron_Rel_Ill_Sg
Adessive Ade Pron_Dem_Ade_Sg
Ablative Abl Pron_Dem_Abl_Sg
Allative All Pron_Pers_All_Sg
Essive Ess Pron_Dem_Ess_Sg
Translative Tra Pron_Dem_Tra_Sg
Underused cases Abessive Abe Pron_Qnt_Abe_Pl
Comitative Com Pron_Qnt_Com
Instructive Ins Pron_Qnt_Ins_Pl
Number Singular Sg Pron_Pers_Nom_Sg
Plural Pl Pron_Pers_Nom_Pl

Numeral subclassification

All numerals may be searched by a CQL query: [tag = “Num|Num_.*”]

Tag Example of a Tag
Numeral Real number Real
Ordinal Ord Num_Ord_Nom_Sg
Cardinal Card
Case Grammatical cases Nominative Nom Num_Nom_Sg
Genitive Gen Num_Gen_Sg
Partitive Par Num_Par_Sg
Accusative Acc
Locative cases Inessive Ine Num_Ine_Sg
Pronouns Elative Ela Num_Ela_Sg
Illative Ill Num_Ill_Sg
Adessive Ade Num_Ade_Sg
Ablative Abl Num_Abl_Sg
Allative All Num_All_Sg
Essive Ess Num_Ess_Sg
Translative Tra Num_Tra_Sg
Underused cases Abessive Abe Num_Abe_Sg
Comitative Com Num_Com
Instructive Ins Num_Ins_Pl
Number Singular Sg Num_Nom_Sg
Plural Pl Num_Nom_Pl


All verbs may be searched by a CQL query: [tag = “V|V_.*”]

Category Subcategory Tag Example of a tag
Example of a word
Negative verb Neg V_Neg_Sg3 ei, eihän
Infinitives First Infinitive Inf1 V_Inf1_Lat nähdä, lopettaa, käyttää
Second Infinitive Inf2 V_Inf2_Act_Ine ollessa, mennessä
Third Infinitive Inf3 V_Inf3_Ill saamaan, poistamaan
Participles Present participle PrsPrc
Past participle PrfPrc V_PrfPrc_Act_Sg1 ajamaan, pelaamaan
Agent participle AgPcp
Negative participle Neg>
Mood Indicative Ind
Conditional Cond V_Cond_Act_Pl3 kytkivät, olisivat
Imperative Imprt V_Imprt_Act_Sg3 olkoon, tulkoon
Potential Pot V_Pot_Act_Pl3 lienevät, kelvannevat
Optative Opt
Tense Present Prs V_Prs_Act_Sg1 olen, pidän
Imperfect Prt
Active/Passive Active Act V_Prs_Act_Sg3 on, tulee
Passive Pas V_PrfPrc_Pass_Pe4 tarvittiin, koettiin
Negated form ConNeg V_Prs_Act_ConNeg ole, riitä
Person First person singular Sg1 V_Prs_Act_Sg1 olen
Second person singular Sg2 V_Prs_Act_Sg2 olet
Third person singular Sg3 V_Pot_Act_Sg3 lienee
First person plural Pl1 V_Prs_Act_Pl1 olemme
Second person plural Pl2 V_Prs_Act_Pl2 olette
Third person plural Pl3 V_Prs_Act_Pl3 ovat

Other PoS

Part of speech Category Tag
Adverbs Adverb Adv
Manner (adverb) Man
Particles Particle Pcle
Interjection Interjection Interj
Conjunctions Coordinating conjunction CC
Subordinating conjunction CS
Adpositions Adposition Adp
Preposition Pr
Postposition Po


Possessive suffixes Possessive suffix: first person singular PxSg1
Possessive suffix: second person singular PxSg2
Possessive suffix: third person singular PxSg3
Possessive suffix: first person plural PxPl1
Possessive suffix: second person plural PxPl2
Possessive suffix: third person plural PxPl3
Other Abbreviation Abbr
Acronym Acro
Upper case Cap
Sentence ending Sent
Dash Dash
Truncated compound TrunCo
Foreign Forgn
Punctuation Punct
Quotation Quote
Lative Lat

For more information see the list of all POS tags in the Finnish TreeTagger tagset and FinnTreeBank2Manual.


VOUTILAINEN Atro, PURTONEN Tanja, MUHONEN Kristiina. FinnTreeBank2: Manual. Helsinki: University of Helsinki, Department of Modern Languages, 2012.