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Are you not sure how to use a feature? Is something not working? Would you like to suggest an improvement or new functionality? We will listen and will get back to you.

Do not be ashamed of asking something as simple as I need to find examples of verbs followed by an infinitive. We will point you to the right place in our Guide or even send you a screenshot showing which settings to use.

Accounts and billing

Payments, invoices, subscription, and user accounts

For information about your account, payments or your subscription, please email us at

Recommended option

Please use the feedback icon in Sketch Engine for any bugs or errors or questions about a particular Sketch Engine screen.

Just type your question, everything else will be added automatically:

  • your name
  • your email
  • details of the screen and query you made
  • your browser version etc.

This will help the support team respond quickly.

Alternative option

Use this form (resolving your issue may take longer):

Request support

Please provide a detailed description of the feature you are using, the parameters or search criteria used and what the screen is doing, not doing or should be doing. If possible please include the exact address (URL) of the page that is misbehaving:

You can also contact us at If you have questions about subscription, please first refer to our FAQs about invoicing.