Built-in annotation tool

metadata annotationThe document annotation tool is used to insert metadata related to whole documents in a user-friendly way. It cannot be used to annotate sentences, paragraphs or any other structures.


The user can:

  • add new types of metadata (attributes) and assign them to documents
  • delete existing attributes
  • add, edit and delete the concrete metadata (values)

Bulk actions

Metadata can be added document by document but the annotation interface also allows selecting many documents and adding the same attribute and value to all of them at once.

Annotate documents

Only documents in user corpora can be annotated. Users cannot annotate preloaded corpora.

  • Select the corpus and go to Dashboard dashboard — MANAGE CORPUS — BROWSE folder to display the folders in your corpus.
  • Click the folder (1) to display the documents.
  • Use more_horiz (2) to edit the metadata of a concrete document.
    Use the check boxes (3) to select multiple documents and click Bulk actions.
  • Recompile the corpus when finished for the new metadata to be registered.

corpus annotation interface

When adding metadata, the interface suggests previously added attributes or lets you create a new one. This helps maintain consistency. Note that attribute names are case sensitive, i.e. Year and year are two different attributes.

annotation tool, adding a new attribute