TMX – Translation Memory eXchange format

Translation Memory eXchange (TMX) is a specific XML format used for creating parallel corpora in Sketch Engine. This format is standardly used in translation memories (TM). See more about Setting up parallel corpora in Sketch Engine.

An example of a TMX document (from Wikipedia), the following structures are required for creating parallel corpora: <tu>, <tuv> and <seg>:

<tmx version="1.4">
    creationtool="XYZTool" creationtoolversion="1.01-023"
    datatype="PlainText" segtype="sentence"
    adminlang="en-us" srclang="en"
      <tuv xml:lang="en">
        <seg>Hello world!</seg>
      <tuv xml:lang="fr">
        <seg>Bonjour tout le monde!</seg>