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This entry is for the positional attribute: word form, lemma, lowercase, tag… For the type of token, the opposite of nonword, see word.

The word form (often shortened to word in the interface) is a positional attribute. It refers to one of the word forms that a  lemma can take, e.g. the lemma go can take these word forms go, went, gone, goes, going.

lemma word forms
do do, did, done, doing, does
long long, longer, longest
be am, is, are, was, were, being, been
knife knife, knives
cup cup, cups

A wordlist of word forms is a list where each of go, went, gone, goes, going is listed separately and their frequencies are also calculated separately.

A search using word forms is a search which will only find the word form(s) that is typed in the input form. It will not find the other word forms belonging to the same lemma.

The word form is case-sensitiveapple and Apple are two different word forms.


word_lc (lowercase)


lemma lc (lowercase)

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