Word Sketch grammar

Word Sketch grammar (WSG) is a set of rules defining the grammatical relations (=columns/categories) in a Word Sketch. In other words, WSG tells Sketch Engine which words should be regarded as collocations of the search word and also what type of collocation they are.

WSG defines the criteria using POS tags, distance between words, and other criteria. The criteria are written using CQL.
WSG is language dependent, the same WSG cannot be shared across languages.Typically corpora in the same language use the same WSG, but exceptions exist.

Users can write their own WSG to match their specific needs.

Corpora in unsupported languages can make use of a universal WSG which provides only basic statistics of words surrounding the keywords ignoring the grammar of the language.

Uses can write their own Sketch Engine grammars and include specific grammatical relations of their choice. more on grammar writing»

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