The ELEXIS funding terminated on 31 March 2022. To renew your access, take these steps»

Gaining access

Only institutional access is covered by this scheme. Individual users can only gain access via their institution.

Accessing Sketch Engine while funded by ELEXIS does not constitute any future obligations. There are no hidden charges or fees.

Organisations with

Action to take

Existing access to Sketch Engine not using SSO

Contact your IT department about setting up SSO at your institution which is required for the ELEXIS funded access. Please proceed with filling in the enrolment form. Your current site licence local administrator will become the ELEXIS contact person.

To preserve your current user settings and user corpora, please take the following steps:

  1. Make all users with existing (individual, non-SSO) accounts login to Sketch Engine through SSO to create their new SSO-based accounts.
  2. Send a request to, providing a mapping of old user names to the new (SSO-based) user names and ask to merge them.

No existing access to Sketch Engine

Check the SSO at your institution or have your IT department set it up. Then appoint the ELEXIS contact person and submit this enrolment form.

The ELEXIS contact person
  • does not need to be an IT person or possess any specific IT skills
  • will serve as the main contact point between Sketch Engine and the institution
  • will be in charge of quota allocation requests
Quota allocation

In addition to access to preloaded corpora, Sketch Engine allows users to build their own corpora for which users will need storage space (quota). Each user is automatically allocated a quota of 1 million words. In addition, each institution receives a shared space of 1 billion words. If a user runs out of space or needs to build a large corpus, they can request extra space from the ELEXIS contact person who will assign additional quota from the shared 1 billion-word allocation.

All set? Here is what your users might ask you about:

Where do I log in?


I have already had a Sketch Engine account, is it possible to merge it with the new one created through my Single-Sign-On login?

Sure, just drop an e-mail to

I need more space, how do I get it?

Contact your local administrator. If you don’t know who it is, ask at


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