The ELEXIS funding terminated on 31 March 2022. To renew your access, take these steps»

Technical requirements

The only allowed access method is Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication via your institution.  Access to individuals will not be granted. They can, however, acquire access via their institutions.

Using SSO means that users log in to Sketch Engine via their existing institutional login details. There will be no Sketch Engine username and password.

SSO  with eduGAIN

eduGAIN is an organization that connects academic institutions and provides SSO access to all kinds of online databases, tools and other resources. If your institution is a member of eduGAIN, you are all set up for ELEXIS-funded access to Sketch Engine. Use the panel on the right to check your eduGAIN membership.

Check your eduGAIN membership

Use the button below to check your SSO and eduGAIN membership or check with your IT department.

Search for your institution name. If the name comes up, your eduGAIN membership is valid and you can proceed here. Otherwise, stay on this page.

SSO without eduGAIN

eduGAIN is a generally useful thing to have as it facilitates access to all kinds of other research resources, magazines, databases and tools so it is recommended to try becoming a member first.

If eduGAIN membership is impossible to achieve due to complicated internal procedures at your institution, we may still consider granting you access. Contact your IT department to check if your institution runs SSO with SAML2. Then provide a contact to the person who we will communicate with during the setup process. The process requires the active involvement of your IT department.

without SSO

Without SSO/SAML2, ELEXIS-funded access cannot be provided. Contact your IT department and request that SSO with SAML2 be made available.

Setting up SSO at your institution

The process requires the involvement of your IT department. Please provide the links below to them.

In a nutshell, your institution must set up SSO with SAML2. When complete, email a link to your metadata to us.  After we verify everything is correct, submit a completed enrolment form and your access will start.

How does the SSO work with Sketch Engine?

Please read the relevant Sketch Engine documentation.


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