Technical requirements

The only allowed access method will be the Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication through the eduGAIN federation. No exceptions are allowed. Access to individuals will not be granted. They can, however, acquire access via their institutions.

Using SSO means that all users from your institution will use their usual institutional login details to access Sketch Engine. They will not need to create a Sketch Engine account.

Most likely, your institution already uses SSO. Use the panel on the right to check now.

Check SSO

Use the button below to check your SSO and eduGAIN membership or check with your IT department.

Search for your institution name. If the name comes up, your eduGAIN membership is valid and you can proceed here. Otherwise, stay on this page.

Setting up SSO and eduGAIN at your institution

The process requires action to be taken by your IT department. Please provide the links below to them.

In a nutshell, your institution must set up SSO and become a member of your national identity federation which is a member of eduGAIN. Then you are ready to provide your SSO ID to Sketch Engine via the enrolment form and your access will start.

How does the SSO work within eduGAIN?

Please read the relevant documentation at eduGAIN website, mainly about eduGAIN in general and its FAQs.

How does the SSO work with Sketch Engine?

Please read the relevant Sketch Engine documentation.
Identity providers from countries without a national identity federation that would be an eduGAIN member (Bulgaria, Slovakia) can be connected directly to Sketch Engine and need to contact


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