OCC: Oxford Children’s Corpus

The Oxford Children’s Corpus (OCC) is English text corpus including language that children likely read (fiction, non-fiction) or texts written by children themselves. This corpus was prepared within of the project of Children’s corpora has been developing by Oxford University Press.

More information about the Oxford Chindren’s corpora can be found in the bibliography or at http://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2015/01/decide-words-include-childrens-dictionaries/


Access restricted unless special permission granted.

Permission from Oxford University Press is required to get access to the corpus. Researchers may contact Nilanjana Banerji (nilanjana.banerji(at)oup.com). Include information about you and your research project. Please add a note you would like to access the corpus in Sketch Engine, including your user name in Sketch Engine. (This is a manual process that may take several days.)

Part-of-speech tagset

In the Oxford corpora, there are used Oxford part-of-speech tagset.

Overview of Oxford corpora in Sketch Engine

  • Oxford Children’s Corpus 2016 (Reading, Writing, Education)
  • Oxford Children’s Corpus 2015 (Reading, Writing)
  • Oxford Children’s Corpus 2014
  • Oxford Children’s Corpus 2013 with BeebOx

Banerji, N., Gupta, V., Kilgarriff, A., & Tugwell, D. Oxford Children’s Corpus: a corpus of children’s writing, reading, and education. Corpus Linguistics 2013, p. 315.

Kate Wild, Adam Kilgarriff, and David Tugwell. The Oxford children’s corpus: Using a children’s corpus in lexicography. International Journal of Lexicography 26, no. 2 (2013): 190–218.

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