Lost for words? — Thesaurus!

Unlike classic hand-made thesauruses with limited coverage, the thesaurus in Sketch Engine is automatically generated by ingenious algorithms analysing multi-billion text corpora which means a thesaurus can be generated for almost any word in the language (provided the corpus is large enough).

 Using the thesaurus

  1. select a corpus
  2. click Thesaurus
  3. type a lemma (=the basic form of a word, if the word is went, the lemma is go)

(1) go to thesaurus

(2) use the local menu to open:
concordance for the word
thesaurus for the word
word sketch to see how the word is used
word sketch difference to compare the search word and the alternative

(3) use the toolbar to:
change search criteria
download results
change what you see and how the result is displayed
access visualisations
display your search criteria
add the result to favourites for easy access next time