Word sketch difference — compare two words

Word Sketch Difference is an extension of the word sketch. It generates Word Sketches for two words and compares them making it a breeze to observe differences in use. The feature is especially useful for close synonyms, antonyms and words from the same semantic field.

Compare two words

The availability of this feature depends on the corpus.

Using word sketch difference

  1. choose a corpus
  2. click word sketch difference
  3. type the two lemmas to be compared (=the basic form of a word, if the word is went, the lemma is go

The result assigns red and green colours to each lemma. The collocates in green tend to combine with the green lemma, the collocates in red tend to combine with the red lemma. The white collocates combine with both lemmas. Bolder shades indicate stronger collocations.

Use the local menu to access examples in context (concordance), word sketches of each collocation and also the thesaurus of the collocate.