List of word sketch grammars available in Sketch Engine

Word Sketch grammar (WSG) is a set of rules defining the grammatical relations (=columns/categories) in a Word Sketch. These relations list e.g. subjects, objects, modifiers, etc. Word Sketch grammar is language-dependent, the same WSG cannot be shared across languages because of different grammars across languages. Different corpora in the same language can use the same or different WSG. Users can write their own Word Sketch Grammar to match their specific needs.

This page lists all word sketch grammars used in preloaded corpora in Sketch Engine. Word sketch grammars with user corpora only are not included.

Languages without word sketch grammars

Languages for which we did not prepare a word sketch grammar can use a universal word sketch grammar depending on the available parts of speech in a particular corpus.

Corpora in unsupported languages can make use of a universal WSG which provides only basic statistics of words surrounding the keywords ignoring the grammar of the language.

Universal word sketch grammar without part-of-speech relations

Universal word sketch grammar with shallow tags