ArabCC: Learner Corpus of English Essays

The Learner Corpus of English Essays (ArabCC) is an English learner corpus made up of English essays written by native speakers of the Arabic language. The ArabCC corpus consists of 957 essays written by more than 300 students of The Arab Academic College of Education.

A list of metadata includes information such as Education level, Essay ID, Published date, Student ID, or Prompt (a number referring to a question that students receive as a topic for their essays, you can find the full question in the Prompt file in the GitHub repository).

For more information please refer to the GitHub repository of the corpus.

Corpus text license

The original data is licensed under the MIT License.

Part-of-speech tagset

The ArabCC Learner Corpus of English Essays was tagged by TreeTagger using Penn Treebank tagset with Sketch Engine modifications.

Tools to work with the ArabCC corpus

A complete set of tools is available to work with this ArabCC Learner Corpus of English Essays to generate:

  • word sketch – English collocations categorized by grammatical relations
  • thesaurus – synonyms and similar words for every word
  • keywords – terminology extraction of one-word and multi-word units
  • word lists – lists of English nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. organized by frequency
  • n-grams – frequency list of multi-word units
  • concordance – examples in context

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