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The Spanish Web corpus (esTenTen) is a text corpus created from the collected internet texts. The corpus belongs to the TenTen corpus family which is a set of the same processed web corpora with the target size 10+ billion words. Sketch Engine currently provides access to Tenten corpora in more than 30 languages.

The corpus contains two subcorpora: European Spanish and American Spanish downloaded from web domains in the respective continents. Thanks to this approach, users can effectively determine the language variety. This enables to select a specific subcorpus and limits a search to a single Spanish variety.

The data was cleaned (re-encoded to UTF-8, boilerplate removal applied, de-duplicated) and tokenised using Corpus tools. Detailed information about TenTen corpora is on the separate page Common TenTen corpora attributes.

Part-of-speech tagset

Part-of-speech tagging and lemmatisation were performed using FreeLing version 3.1 with Spanish configuration & data applying Spanish FreeLing tagset.

Distribution of corpus data

See graphs and more information about texts in the Spanish Web corpus 2011.

Spanish esTenTen text corpus from the webSpanish web corpus esTenTen by country

Further information about texts in the corpus

Basic information

Tokens 10 986
Words 9 497
Sentences 407
Web pages 20

* the figures above are rounded to million

EsTenTen – top-level domain distribution

Tools to work with the Spanish corpora

A complete set of tools is available to work with these Spanish corpora from the Web to generate:

  • word sketch – Spanish collocations categorized by grammatical relations
  • thesaurus – synonyms and similar words for every word
  • word lists – lists of Spanish nouns, verbs, adjectives etc. organized by frequency
  • n-grams – frequency list of multi-word units
  • concordance – examples in context


spring 2017

  • re-tagged using Freeling 4 in Sketch Engine pipeline version 5

January 2016

  • re-tagged using Freeling 4

11 February 2015

  • re-tagged using Freeling 3.1

2 April 2014

  • fixed encoding issues

29 July 2013

  • re-tagged using Freeling 3.0

17 October 2012

  • American and European parts from 2011 put together
  • subcorpora can be used to query the parts separately now

12 January 2012

  • American Spanish data crawled by web crawler SpiderLing in December 2011
  • these documents were put into a separate corpus “esAmTenTen”

30 September 2011

  • removed Catalan and Galician texts
  • corpus size reduced by 79 million tokens

13 April 2011


Kilgarriff, A., & Renau, I. (2013). esTenTen, a vast web corpus of Peninsular and American SpanishProcedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences95, 12-19.

Jakubíček, M., Kilgarriff, A., Kovář, V., Rychlý, P., & Suchomel, V. (2013, July). The TenTen Corpus Family. In 7th International Corpus Linguistics Conference CL (pp. 125-127).

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