NoSketch Engine and Sketch Engine

What is the difference?

NoSketch Engine

NoSketch Engine is an open source version of Sketch Engine with certain functionality limitations. NoSketch Engine does not contain any corpora, the user must possess adequate technical knowledge of using external tools to prepare corpora for use with NoSketch Engine. NoSketch Engine does not contain the following features:

Sketch Engine

Sketch Engine is a commercial corpus management and corpus query software. Sketch Engine can be accessed via one of the subscription options.

NoSketch Engine logoNOT available in NoSketch Engine

NoSketch Engine must be downloaded, installed, hosted and administered by the user.

Support is available via the NoSketch Engine Google group.


You can test NoSketch Engine on our sample installation. Serves as a demo only. To use NoSketch Engine with your own data, download and install it on your hardware.

Sketch Engine logoONLY available in Sketch Engine

No technical knowledge or external tools** are needed to build corpora in Sketch Engine.

Sketch Engine comes with support which is subject to the following Service Level Agreement.

*) Certain features may not be available for all languages. Check the language overview.

**) occasionally, especially with less common languages, an external tool might be needed to perform tokenization, lemmatization or PoS tagging