English is one of the many languages whose text corpora are included in Sketch Engine, a tool for discovering how language works. Sketch Engine is designed for linguists, lexicologists, lexicographers, researchers, translators, terminologists, teachers and students working with English to easily discover what is typical and frequent in the language and to notice phenomena which would go unnoticed without a large sample of English text.

Sketch Engine has tools to identify and analyse collocations, synonyms and antonyms, examples of use in context, keywords or terms. Frequency word lists of English single-word or multi-word expressions of various types can be generated. Even users without any technical knowledge can create their own English corpus using the Sketch Engine's intuitive built-in tool.

Tools to work with English text corpora

To work with the English language, Sketch Engine offers the following tools:

English Word Sketch

Word Sketch is the easiest way to get an at-a-glance overview of a word’s behaviour. Collocations are displayed in categorized lists to identify strong and weak collocates easily. more»

Available Word Sketches for user corpora: Full-featured Sketch grammar.

Word Sketch difference will compare two word sketches and will indicate which collocates tend to combine with one word or the other. The information can be used to avoid mistakes in word choice or to study the differences between two words with a similar meaning. more»

English concordance

The concordancer included in Sketch Engine can be used to display a list of examples (called concordance) of the search word or phrase as it appears in English language text corpora. The search will display the keyword with some context to the right and context to the left of the keyword (KWIC concordance). more»

English term extraction

Terminology extraction is a feature of Sketch Engine which automatically identifies single-word and multi-word terms in a subject-specific English text by comparing it to a general English corpus. The tool is aimed at translators, terminologists, ESP teachers and anyone who needs to deal with domain texts. The screen with results includes links to example sentences and Wikipedia definitions. more»

Bilingual term extraction

Parallel corpora are used to extract terms in two languages simultaneously and display a terminology list with translations into the other language. more»

English thesaurus

The thesaurus is a feature that automatically generates a list of words similar in meaning to the keyword. more»

English word lists

The word list feature will generate a frequency list of all words that appear in a text or corpus. A very large corpus can be used to generate a list of all words that exist in English or all words that start, contain or end with specific characters. Advanced options can be used to generate lists of grammatical categories or parts of speech used in a corpus together with their frequencies. more»

N-grams in English

Generating a list of N-grams contained in a text makes it possible to identify and study patterns and notice phenomena related to multi-word units (MWU) in English that cannot be detected by other tools. more»

List of available English corpora

  • trial – available to both trial users as well as paying subscribers
  • main – only available to paying subscribers
  • on demand – access to the corpus is subject to specific terms, click the corpus name for details
CorpusAccess policySize in words
ACL Anthology Reference Corpus (ARC) open 62,196,334
Araneum Anglicum Africanum Maius [2015] main 854,484,093
Araneum Anglicum Asiaticum Maius [2015] main 867,259,037
Araneum Anglicum Maius [2015] trial 888,466,066
Boot Camp English trial 85,683,246
Brexit corpus (English) trial 108,452,923
Brexit corpus without retweets (English) trial 4,789,571
British Academic Spoken English Corpus (BASE) open 1,477,281
British Academic Written English Corpus (BAWE) open 6,968,089
British Law Report Corpus main 8,515,749
British National Corpus (BNC) trial 96,134,547
British National Corpus (BNC) 2014 Spoken trial 10,495,185
British National Corpus (BNC), tagged by CLAWS trial 96,052,598
British Web 2007 (ukWaC) main 1,313,058,436
Brown open 1,007,299
Brown Family main 6,963,778
Brown Family, CLAWS + TreeTagger tags main 6,975,474
Cambridge Academic English main 3,163,648
CHILDES English Corpus main 22,693,506
COMPAS 2015 access on demand 114,967,191
COMPAS 2016 access on demand 260,896,404
Corpus of Academic Journal Articles (CAJA) access on demand 78,970,299
Corpus of English Dialogues 1560–1760 access on demand 1,151,171
Covid-19 open 224,061,570
Cundeelee Wangka Stories (English) access on demand 4,423
DGT, English main 59,106,576
e-flux (International art English) main 5,036,119
EcoLexicon English (Environment) open 23,169,446
English Broadsheet Newspapers 1993–2013 (SiBol with trends) main 654,435,535
English Corpus for SkELL 3.10 main 1,038,200,313
English Corpus for SkELL 3.8 main 1,041,772,774
English Corpus for SkELL 3.9 main 1,041,138,575
English Historical Book Collection (EEBO, ECCO, Evans) main 826,296,048
English Preposition Corpus trial 2,136,325
English Web 2008 (enTenTen08) main 2,759,340,513
English Web 2012 (enTenTen12) main 11,191,860,036
English Web 2013 (enTenTen13) main 19,685,733,337
English Web 2013 sample main 204,976,089
English Web 2015 (enTenTen15) trial 13,190,556,334
English Web 2018 (enTenTen18) trial 21,926,740,748
English Web 2020 (enTenTen20) trial 38,149,437,411
English Wikipedia main 1,356,523,079
English Wikipedia sample with Error annotations trial 951,824
EUR-Lex English 2/2016 trial 629,722,593
EUR-Lex judgments English 12/2016 trial 42,339,337
EUROPARL7 sample, English open 15,099,625
EUROPARL7, English trial 53,837,625
LEXMCI main 1,448,180,339
Medical Web Corpus main 33,961,786
Multicultural London English Corpus main 2,391,040
New corpus for English (NCI English) main 217,548,758
New Model Corpus main 95,276,958
OEC access on demand 2,073,319,589
OEC v2 access on demand 2,073,563,928
Open Access Journals (DOAJ - English) trial 2,662,763,697
Open American National Corpus (spoken) main 3,202,026
Open American National Corpus (written) main 11,048,137
Open Cambridge Learner Corpus (Uncoded) access on demand 2,975,701
Opus MontenegrinSubs: English trial 468,337
OPUS2 English main 1,139,515,048
Oxford Children's Corpus 2015 (PTag) access on demand 210,322,185
Oxford Children's Corpus 2015 -- Education (PTag) access on demand 1,323,174
Oxford Children's Corpus 2015 -- Reading (PTag) access on demand 34,284,687
Oxford Children's Corpus 2015 -- Writing (PTag) access on demand 174,714,324
Oxford Children's Corpus 2016 (PTag) access on demand 284,360,063
Oxford Children's Corpus 2016 -- Reading (PTag) access on demand 53,858,955
Oxford Children's Corpus 2016 -- Writing (PTag) access on demand 229,177,934
Oxford Corpus of Academic English (OCAE, April 2012) access on demand 71,371,739
Penn Corpora of Historical English access on demand 3,800,639
PICAE 2010 access on demand 31,025,920
Project Gutenberg English main 443,471,071
pukWaC (ukWaC parsed with MaltParser) main 39,496,785
ScienceBlogs main 103,175,233
Semcor v3.0 (sense-tagged corpus) main 664,038
Susanne trial 128,998
Ted Talks transcripts main 2,882,085
Timestamped JSI web corpus 2014-2016 English trial 18,315,071,361
Timestamped JSI web corpus 2014-2020 English main 57,378,193,553
Timestamped JSI web corpus 2021-01 English main 940,554,284
Timestamped JSI web corpus 2021-02 English main 325,034,580
Timestamped JSI web corpus 2021-03 English main 988,199,655
Timestamped JSI web corpus 2021-04 English main 777,498,417
Transhistorical Corpus of Written English open 501,633
UKWaC super sensed main 315,402,632